Monday, January 11, 2010


So I'll start off apologizing for not updating sooner. I keep thinking that I'll get the pictures on the camera put on a CD so I can upload some great shots of our Christmas fun. I also have a video of Leo running around doing his impression of Kevin from "Home Alone" but the clip is 6 seconds too long for me to upload anywhere to shorten it. And I've just been busy. But Leo is taking us on a roller coaster ride again and I wanted to let our friends and family know. Leo could use some prayers right now. Friday he started coughing....... Saturday he spiked a fever. At midnight he was panting like a puppy and hot, really really hot. David and I decided it was time to see a Dr so off to the ER we flew. The ER was super busy but we got great care for Leo. Poor kid had to have a nasal aspiration, blood work, and they checked for a UTI. He then had an X-ray. Funny the x-ray techs remember Leo and couldn't get over how big he's gotten. He was diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection. He got a breathing treatment and the sent us home with a nebulizer and antibiotics. Sunday we thought he was feeling a little better during the day but it was a really rough night. Leo threw up both doses of his antibiotic yesterday and got sick a couple of more time. He won't eat and was barely drinking. He didn't fall asleep until 4am. At 7am he was burning up again. When we tried to give him Motrin he gagged and dry heaved for a full 5 min. So I quickly dressed and brought Leo back to the ER. Poor David had to go to work, too many snow days lately. When we got to the ER they started Leo's IV almost immediately, I knew then that we where headed upstairs. His breathing was super rapid again and his temp was 103. They gave him another breathing treatment and some IV antibiotics and then moved us upstairs. Where his Respiratory therapist is another familiar face from the NICU. Leo has been really fussy and cuddly all day. He finally settled in around 4 and has been asleep for three hours now. Dr M stopped by and said Leo can go home when he starts drinking and breathing on his own, could be a day, could be a week. RSV just has to run its course there really isn't a treatment for it. You just treat the symptoms. The antibiotics are for the ear infection. I had high hopes that the new tubes would help us avoid those but guess I was wrong. I end this post by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year since I haven't done that yet.

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