Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day two in the hospital

Leo decided to start the day early by getting up with his 4 am cares. He was cranky but definitely more Leo like. We played with a dump truck and Monkey. Monkey is a seriously bad driver bouncing off of all the crib rails, then crashing and falling on his head. I know silly, but it was making Leo laugh and we both needed that. The afternoon has been a little rough. Leo really wants a nap but they turned off his oxygen to see how he does on his own. Every time he falls asleep it dips below 90 and sets off an alarm, walking him up and starting the crying fits. I feel terrible for him and have complained a couple time. They turned the alarm down but it still woke him. After fighting the alarm for close to four hours they turned his oxygen back on so he could sleep guaranteeing us another night in the hospital. He's been asleep for about an hour now. His breathing is so much better today and he hasn't had a temp so he is showing some great improvements. Hoping after a nap he will eat and we can wean him tomorrow from the oxygen and then go home.

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