Friday, September 18, 2009

Part three

I know three post in one day, I finally have a few moments to catch-up. Leo and I are home today. He seems to have caught a stomach bug. David and I had the unfortunate experience of waking up at 5 am to Leo throwing up all over both of us. I'm not sure how he manged it but he did. Leo's down for a nap now so I thought I'd take a few minutes and add our family pictures and tell you what we have been up to. Since I'm new to blogging I haven't quite figured out how to get pictures in the middle of my post. So you get three separate post. Leo is walking everywhere now, there is no stopping him. He's starting to talk a little more too. He throws out random words here or there to startle us I swear. He's pretty big on "what's that?" right now. Josh is at his post in Georgia, and it sounds like he is enjoying his new job. Seems like a fairly quiet town. We hope to be able to visit soon.
Grandma and Papa came down for Labor day weekend and we had a blast. We did some Christmas shopping, and visited Fort Atkinson state historical park. They were having living history days at the Fort, it was interesting to learn a little more of the history of the Fort. We also learned that Leo doesn't like old fashion rock candy, but is a huge fan of Turkish Delight just a couple of the treats that you can purchase at the store in the Fort. Labor day we travel to Neola Ia where David played bagpipes in the parade. The rest of us enjoyed the parade and taking turns helping Leo chase down candy. I loved watching how excited Leo was during the parade. I am lucky though so far he doesn't seem to have much of a sweet tooth, I'm going to use the broken suckers for stain glass windows in my Ginger bread house this year. I'm very excited to be the ward specialist this year. I have some great ideas to get everyone involved. I've been busy with work and belly dance too. We have another show coming up Oct 30 at the Pizza Shop in Benson. Little Hafla of Horror, come out and join us, practice up on your Triller dance and help us close the show. Well Leo just let out a cry so I'm going to close now and take care of him.

Family photos Part 2.

Family photos

While Josh was home, I decide we needed to get new family pictures taken. Leo is such a little peanut in our last photos, and he certainly wasn't happy to have the first set done. I love seeing how much Leo has grown, and how confident Josh has become since joining the Airforce. Enjoy the photos. I know I do. Photos by Emerald Eye Photography.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adventures of the last few weeks.

I'm guessing a few of you have been wondering what is going on over here at the Schmelzers the last couple of weeks. We have been super busy. Leo was back at the Dr. again last Monday he just didn't seem to be getting over his ear infection. Turns out his ears are all cleared up, he caught a virus and his throat was bright red. We were very grateful that his ears had cleared up and he didn't need shots or new tubes put in. Last Thursday I felt so bad with a sore throat and headache that Leo and I stayed home and slept until 11:30. Its only the last couple of days that Leo has started to really feel better. No such luck for me. I'm home today and have a Dr. appt for this afternoon. Part of the reason we aren't getting better faster is that we aren't letting the sickness slow us down. Josh has been home the past two weeks and we've wanted to spend time with him. We all went to the zoo and had a good time. And we went to see the Disney christmas Carol train when it was here this past weekend. We also had some friends over for fondue. Saturday David had to skip pipes so that I could go to work for a few hours. Then Saturday night I had a bellydance show. It was so much fun. We are taking a small break and then right back at practices for the Oct 30 show. Little Hafla of Horrors.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Smartipants Diaper Winner!

Congratulations to #12 Life Happens During Naptime. I've sent an e-mail. If I don't hear back within 48 hrs I'll draw a new winner.