Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Living with Leo is always an adventure. He's been sick again. But we have had time for a little fun this past week. We saw Santa last Saturday and then went to a Christmas party for Raqs Awn. Aimee and Lowell always host an awesome Christmas party for the belly dancers. Here's a family photo. As you can see I live with a couple of clowns.

The last few weeks have been busy. We spent Thanksgiving in Iowa at my parents. We had a big family thanksgiving on Saturday with my Mom's side of the family. We got to meet Jacob my cousin Heidi's new son. It was great to see my Grandma and Aunts, Uncle and cousins. I could tell Leo wasn't feeling good the whole time we were at my parents. He didn't want to eat. If it wasn't for Grandma's homemade buns and butter I think Leo wouldn't have eaten anything. We got back to town on Sunday night and Leo started running a fever before bed. By 3 am it was pushing 102 and none of us were getting any sleep. Leo had a doctors appt already scheduled that day. Turns out he still had his ear infection that we have been fighting since Sept. The Doctor decided to give Leo antibiotic shots. Its a series of shots in both legs on Mon, Wed and Fri. We then had to see the specialist on Tuesday (yesterday). The doctor decided Leo needed new tubes put in his ears and as luck would have it he had a 7 am opening for today. We got up at 5 dug our way out of the 3 foot snow drifts and headed to the surgery. Our appt was for 7:15. At a little after 9 the doctor finally showed up. His service had called him to tell him he had a patient cancel and he assumed it was us. Turns out it was his 2:00. Leo was in good spirits before the surgery. Here's a picture of him in his hospital gown holding Monkey.

The surgery went well and only took about 15 min. Leo has been cranky and tired but is doing great. As we speak he is watching Curious George's Christmas video for the 10th time. Hugging his Monkey. We're hoping the new tubes help Leo feel a whole lot better for the rest of the Holidays.

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