Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner!

We have been surrounded by gingerbread houses lately. I'm the gingerbread specialist for our ward at church. The last couple of Thursdays we have decorated houses at the church. I made 18 graham cracker houses for the primary kids to decorate. It took a few nights but it was so much fun to watch them decorate them. Ours where the first gingerbread houses at the trail center, I left them there when we set up last Saturday. This past Thursday we had the adults/families decorate houses. It wasn't a huge turn out but we had fun. I'm hoping there are a few families that decorated house of their own at home. Last night I decorated my house. I wish my camera let me up load pictures so I could show you guys how it turned out. We dropped it off at the trail center at 8:30 last night, the gingerbread display starts today. Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters
3215 State St
Omaha, NE 68112

Free admission. Open daily, 9 to 9. Visitor’s Center and Museum depicts the 1846-1860 migration of 90,000 pioneers to the Rocky Mountains. Displays include full sized log cabin, covered wagon, oxen and handcart. Optional guided tours. Nov 21st-Jan 1st Gingerbread Display.

When we were done dropping off the gingerbread houses, David, Leo and I went for a drive. Leo can finally see the Christmas lights from his car seat and likes to point at them and say, "See it"
Bayless Park in Council Bluffs had a ton of lights up already. Leo couldn't stay in his seat anymore he wanted to see the lights up close. So we stopped and took a walk through the park. He was so cute pointing at the lights and running around the squirrel statues. To bad I didn't have my camera. David and I talked about how great it is to be able to just stop and enjoy something like the park. We are trying to make more family memories instead of getting caught up in the rat race that life seems to be as of late. It also helps that Leo is a little older and we don't have to hibernate quite as much this winter. I'm so glad we were able to get him both the regular flu and the H1N1 vaccine. We are looking forward to the holidays and Traveling to Iowa for Turkey day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bellydance and Bagpipes a Baptism, Birthday Parties and Halloween

The last few weeks have been very busy for us. Tuesday night was Leo's Birthday, check out the great photos from that in his birthday post. Last Friday was Raqs Awns Little Hafla of Horror show at the Benson Pizza shop. We did a fundraiser for the Open Door Mission here in Omaha. We collected a ton of hats, mittens, and scarfs. We also were able to donate around $200 to them. I have to say this was the best show I've been apart of in the 6 years I've been dancing. I think we all had a blast. We had bellydancing chickens, a pirate song, Bollywood dancing skeletons and ended the night with Thiller. We really packed the Pizza shop, it might be time for us to find a bigger venue. If anyone knows of a place with a stage that serves food here in Omaha drop me a line. We like that people can have supper while we perform.

Saturday our niece Jet was Baptized. She turned eight in May and has been patiently waiting for her Dad to get back from training in Texas so she could be baptized. She had such a cute expression on her face as she told me that 6 months is a long time to wait Aunt Becky. And she just glowed with Happiness the whole day. After the Baptism we went over to Darin's house for a Birthday Party for Sky, and took along Leo's extra cake from his Birthday party. We spent the whole day there so that Leo could go trick or treating with his cousins. Leo had so much fun on his first Halloween out and about. When his pumpkin was half full, David and I thought Leo should be done and tried to take him home. Leo had very different plans. I was carrying him as went went past the first house with lights on after this decision, and all of a sudden I have a kicking wiggling mess on my hands. So I put Leo down and he walks right up to the house. We never did teach him to say trick or treat, but he asked for M an M at every stop. I just have to laugh, I swear David and I don't give him M&M's all the time and its a total coincidence that his favorite candy was on our wedding gift registry.
Thursday I took some time off of work, kind of a mental health day you might say. I spent the afternoon holding Leo close and just enjoying who he is growning into. I took him down to the Douglas county health clinic for the H1N1 vaccine. Leo was a real trooper. I let him walk back to the car. He loves being outside and on the go. Leo was amazed by all the leaves blowing around and loved to chase after one and then step on it. When he did he'd look up at me and just giggle with delight. My heart was just overwhelmed with loved for this happy happy boy. I find it so hard to believe how far he has come in the last two years. When we were sitting by his side praying in the NICU I never imagined the joy and happiness and love that I feel when spending time with him now. David and I are so blessed.
Last night was David's Bagpipe Band Mess. We dropped Leo off at our friends' house. (thank-you Lori and Kelly) and headed to the Upstream in west Omaha. Parking still sucked butwe didn't end up walking 6 blocks this year only three. The food was good and the entertainment a blast as always. It was great to hang out with other couples and enjoy an evening of being a couple again. And of course there is nothing like ending an evening with a dozen pipers and half a dozen drummers playing their hearts out.

I really wanted to put this at the bottom of Leo's birthday post but didn't want to upset everyone. But I've decide that this is my blog and I'm just going to do it. Happy Birthday Piper and Kevin! Mommy and Daddy Love and miss you very much.

Diaper Swap

Leo is sleeping in this morning so I thought I'd take the time to update my blog, I'm way behind on this post. I recently was part of a diaper swap hosted by Megan from This was a ton of fun, once we signed up Megan gave our info to a mommy and we got the information to a different mommy so it was a total surprise who was shopping for you. We were suppose to have our post up a couple of weeks ago but I ran into a small problem. You see Leo woke up from his nap as I was uploading pictures from our camera to the computer. I brought him out the living room where I was working, sat him down and went to get a sippy of milk for him. I'm on my way back when I hear a thud and Leo starts to scream. He tried to follow and tripped on all the cords coming from the camera. In the process we broke the cord to charge the laptop. And the camera so I can no longer just up load pictures to the laptop. I have to take them in and have them put on disk now. This has been on my to do list for a couple of weeks.
I finally had time so here are the pictures of the awesome swap gift from Melanie Judson her blog is at I think this is the first time I have ever gotten mail from Canada. Melanie got me diaper liners, and a Bum genius diaper.This is the first diaper in our stash with Velcro. I love how easy the Velcro is, Leo hasn't started to take it off himself yet but I'm sure that will be just around the corner. He's starting with removing his socks and shoes. Leo can be a bit of a monkey, as you can tell from the pictures.

He didn't want to stay in one place so I could get a good one of the diaper on him. I put all of the photo shoot on here so you can see what a little ham we have at our house.

I had so much fun with this swap. Check out the awesome diaper cover I found for Cindy and her son Reid. I think Cindy loves the sock monkey print as much as I do. Can't wait to be apart of another diaper swap. I'm really not sure whats more fun shopping or receiving.