Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Leo!

Leo's second birthday! We had so much fun as a family for Leo's Birthday. The festivities started with a weekend visit from Grandma and Papa. We went to Vala's Pumpkin patch on Saturday, Leo had a blast. He loved walking around story book land. He just giggled with delight for being out and having fun. We then took a quick nap and headed to church for trunk or treat. There was a spaghetti supper, followed by a puppet show. Leo loved the puppet show, especially the black light songs. Leo got his first taste of trick or treating after the show. He loved getting candy put in his pumpkin and taking it out of his pumpkin even more. Can't wait to see how he likes Halloween night. Sunday we had cake and ice cream with Grandma and Papa then opened presents from Grandma and Papa and my sibings. Leo was really into unwrapping presents this year so that was fun to watch. On Leo's birthday we decided to take him to one of his favorite resturants, Hollywood Diner. The Diner close to our house has juke boxes at each table. Leo loves to dance along to the great music. And he's a big fan of their french fries. And for deseret a giant clown sundae. Sorry the pictures loaded in the wrong order. But as you can see he loved the ice cream. I really think he was trying to kiss the clown when he realized it was yummy and ediable. We then went home and opened presents. We got Leo a fisher price CD player toy, and he loves it. We want to thank everyone who sent their love our way yesterday. We really appreciate it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leo is almost two!

Well I know that you all know that Leo is almost two. I'm just trying to get myself to believe it. Time goes by so fast. It seems hard to believe that he's walking and trying so hard to talk. His favorite words are Hi! with this super cute wave every time he enters a room and the never ending "what's that".
I had to take Leo to the Dr again on Friday, I could tell that his ear infection hadn't really went away with his last antibiotics. So now we have a new antibiotic. Leo's nurses all thought he was there for his two year check-up I laughed and said "Well our next visit was suppose to be for his well baby but Leo just missed you guys I guess." They got a kick out of that and told him it was okay to stay away. He's already in a lot better mood and sleeping better (midnight to 4 am). Can't wait until he's healthy and sleeps from 9:30 to 7 am.
Leo got to direct the music during Sunday School today and I guess he was awesome at it and had a blast. The use a rather large baton with ribbons on it. And Leo was real good at keeping time. Leo also discovered his piggy bank this weekend. I can't tell you how many times he's emptied it only to sit quietly and put them all back in. Just warning you if you come into the house with change Leo may hide it from you in his piggy bank. My purse is ten pounds lighter so I think I should thank him. Well he's starting to melt down so it must be time for me to put him to bed. I'm excited its before midnight for the first time in over a week.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Croup and a double ear infection

Two weeks have flown by yet again. We are busy as usual around here. David and Leo have had lots of guy time together. I had two extra relief society meeting last week. First on Tuesday night we learned about food storage. Decided I need to go, first the church is asking us to have at least 3 months of food storage then work requested we keep at least two weeks of food and water in our homes. Since I've never done food storage I decided to attend and see what I could learn. Then Saturday night was the general relief society meeting. We had supper at the stake center before watching the meeting there. It was a wonderful feeling to be in the same room as so many other women worshiping God. And I really got know a few new members in our ward. Sunday were all dressed and in the car on the way to church when we realized that Leo had a really bad cough and sounded like he was breathing hard. David dropped me off and took Leo home. David called in sick on Monday and took Leo to the doctor. We found out that he has croup, a double ear infection and a cold on top of all that. Tuesday David woke up with a 102 degree fever so he stayed with Leo again, and I got to go to work. Wed was the same thing. Today both David and Leo are feeling better but Leo's antibiotics have hit his digestive track hard. So David's back at work and I'm spending the day trying to contain the poo.
I can't believe that October already, I really need to give some serious thought to what we are going to do to celebrate Leo's second birthday. If you have any great ideas please share them, I'm kind of at a loss this year. Finding it hard to be in the mood to celebrate. Although I did find the perfect present for our little music lover. But you all have to wait until Leo unwraps it to find out what it is. Don't want anyone spoiling it for Leo.