Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My favorite photo's of the season.

This is from our ward Christmas party. I love that they did family pictures for everyone. Too bad I already have our Christmas cards done.
These two are from my Mom's group Christmas party. We decorated cards for the troops and then Santa came and read the kids a couple of books. Leo was so excited to see Santa. Thankfully there was a few awesome Mom's with shy kids that didn't mind Leo slipping past them to get to Santa. He even asked Santa for drums, which is a good thing since Santa dropped them off early and left them in our basement since they were too big for the sleigh.

Happy Halloween! Here are the three cutest kids out that night, Spider Harris, Dragon Ethan, and Cowboy Leo. Leo did not want a costume with a mask or anything too spooky this year. So we opted for the cowboy; he loves his hat and guns and wore them for weeks on end.

And this little ham is celebrating Thanksgiving at our church. Heather planned an activity of decorating cookies like Turkeys. Leo saw Jessica with the camera and turned on the charm, he can be such a silly turkey himself when he wants. And he decorated his cookie all by himself. Having learned awesome techique from Grandma Sue while decorating his gingerbread house. (sorry no pictures that day I forgot the camera).

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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