Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clifford the big red dog!

So last Friday night Barnes and Noble had Clifford the Big Red Dog come to visit the kids and Clifford's friend read two books to the kids. made this an evening event for our group and it was so much fun. Of course I forgot my camera since I got home from work five minutes before we left for this. However, Lindsey is awesome and had her camera with her. (Thanks for the pictures!)
As you can see the kids were very, very excited to see Clifford.

It was a much smaller gathering than I thought it would be. Mostly the MOM's group. Even a couple of new members that decided to make this their first playdate.

Leo had such a good time we can't wait for Curious George to come in Feb.

I wish he would sit this still during church every Sunday!

Not sure what Leo is thinking in this picture. Probably "Mom give the camera back to Lindsey and leave me alone"

This is my favorite picture look at the grin on Leo's face! And Jackson is very very excited too, He couldn't stay in his seat.

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  1. i was so waiting for Jack to go attack that poor dog!
    Leo was good and sat so still the whole time.
    You know i always have my camera so its never a problem.