Thursday, October 1, 2009

Croup and a double ear infection

Two weeks have flown by yet again. We are busy as usual around here. David and Leo have had lots of guy time together. I had two extra relief society meeting last week. First on Tuesday night we learned about food storage. Decided I need to go, first the church is asking us to have at least 3 months of food storage then work requested we keep at least two weeks of food and water in our homes. Since I've never done food storage I decided to attend and see what I could learn. Then Saturday night was the general relief society meeting. We had supper at the stake center before watching the meeting there. It was a wonderful feeling to be in the same room as so many other women worshiping God. And I really got know a few new members in our ward. Sunday were all dressed and in the car on the way to church when we realized that Leo had a really bad cough and sounded like he was breathing hard. David dropped me off and took Leo home. David called in sick on Monday and took Leo to the doctor. We found out that he has croup, a double ear infection and a cold on top of all that. Tuesday David woke up with a 102 degree fever so he stayed with Leo again, and I got to go to work. Wed was the same thing. Today both David and Leo are feeling better but Leo's antibiotics have hit his digestive track hard. So David's back at work and I'm spending the day trying to contain the poo.
I can't believe that October already, I really need to give some serious thought to what we are going to do to celebrate Leo's second birthday. If you have any great ideas please share them, I'm kind of at a loss this year. Finding it hard to be in the mood to celebrate. Although I did find the perfect present for our little music lover. But you all have to wait until Leo unwraps it to find out what it is. Don't want anyone spoiling it for Leo.

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  1. I really like your idea of the animal theme. If you have kids decorate some cheap paper/cardboard masks from like Nobbies or Oriental Trading, that would be fairly cheap and something they could take home with them. Maybe make some monkey bread? Or cute animal cupcakes? A cool lion pinata? I know there are a couple of "Animal Actions" songs you could have the kids dance to especially since Leo likes music.

    I'm glad your boys are starting to feel better. Everytime K has to be on antibiotics her diapers are always less than pleasant!