Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas cards!

I bet you’re all surprised to see a new blog post from me. It’s been a while sorry about that. I friend told me about this awesome Christmas card give away for bloggers. And I thought wow, what a great motivation to update my blog and have awesome Christmas cards to share with my family and friends this year.
So here goes.................. The last few years at Christmas time I have looked for a great Christmas card to send to out. This is so important to me, because Leo was so small his first Christmas. We had so many friends and family praying for him. I wanted an easy way to share pictures of him with everyone; that didn’t take a ton of time away from me being in the NICU with him. Shutterfly has awesome cards that you can order online. These cards are awesome you write your message inside attach the picture you want and you can even add your Christmas letter mailing list and they will mail them for you. Talk about making it super easy to stay in touch with family and friends. And the cards are super cute too. Check out this one.

Finding the perfect card to show how Leo has changed over the year has become a favorite holiday activity to me. I love the photo cards that allow you to show off more than one picture of your family. Shutterfly has hundreds to pick from. This allows you to show family and friends all the highlights of the year. It’s so hard when you take pictures all year long to pick that one perfect picture that allows you to share your year with family and friends. Cards like this one give you the option to allow your families true personalities to shine through.

Last year on top of great Christmas cards I made photo books and calenders as gifts. It’s super easy with shutterfly. I love having my calender having family pictures instead of the free one that the bank hands out with pictures of random animials or houses. And it was cool to see how much Leo has changed from Halloween last year to this year. I can’t wait to make my Christmas cards and calenders this year. I’m leaning towards this card. I love the Christmas Letter right on the front with the pictures. But with so many to choose from you will just have to wait to open your mailbox to see if it’s the one that both David and I agree on.

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