Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leo first day of preschool 2011

Being Leo's Mom keeps me on my toes. You would think getting a three year old to preschool would be an easy task. Not this year. First of all our friends the Barua's moved away so I had to find a new sitter for Leo. Let me tell you it is so hard to trust someone you don't know with your child. After lots of searching we found Laurie, I think Leo will love being at her house. She has two puppies for Leo to love too. After we found Laurie I called the school to switch Leo's bus pick-up to her house. When the paper worked arrived at our house they had him riding the bus an hour before school and an hour after school.

Needless to say David and I were not happy about that at all. So I called the Head of the Early childhood program at OPS with my concerns. She was great and had Leo transfered to a different school with in two hours. However that means that today was Leo's first day at a totally new school, with a much bigger class. He's at Laura Dodge and they have a combined Early childhood and headstart program. David and I both dropped him off to meet his teachers and see the room. The teacher seems sweet and Leo was super happy to sit by a friend from Sunday school and start singing along with the music.

David will be able to take Leo to school tomorrow but Monday and Tuesday he already has teaching jobs so we have had to ask a friend to take Leo to school and pick him up. Keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out smoothly. Oh yeah the bus stopped at the sitters today to pick Leo up for his old school. Must remember to call them again tomorrow I'm sure Laurie didn't need that wake up call this morning.

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