Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello Blog world

Well I've been thinking about creating a blog for a while now, but today when I updated Leo's carepage I couldn't add pictures anymore. So I decided today is the day to start a blog. Leo is too cute not to have his picture posted all the time for all of you to see him. And with a blog I figure I can update what is going on with all our family and not just Leo. Its a big day at our house. Leo started to walk today. Josh is home for a couple of weeks before reporting to duty in Georgia. David went back to work this week and Leo went back to daycare. And I'm super busy at work and super excited about my Bellydance work shop tomorrow. Rania is in town for the weekend, she's a bellydance superstar from California. She's friends with my dance troupe and is here to teach us some great bellydance moves.


  1. I am so excited you've entered the blogger world! And what a fun week...enjoy.
    See you soon.

  2. Im so happy for you guys! I have a blog too and really need to get to adding to it. You know i got nothing else to do. LOL

  3. Welcome to the blog world! Great job!